How to create successful Facebook ads in 2021

Facebook ads, is an amplifier of what’s already working for your

and social media advertising in general is less about advertising and more about paid Word
of Mouth.

so in order to create successful facebook ads you need to follow the 3 steps funnel which is awareness, consideration, conversion

the problem is since most people are trying to sell there product and make money so they ask for the conversion right away and that is going to penalize you because the algorithm notices that so you get negative feedback your ad prices go up all kinds of bad things happen

but instead if you try to humanize the experience if you share you knowledge if you share those light moments that shows you as a human from all different facets. that’s what create the conversion because people buy from people

and the beauty of the 3 steps funnel awareness, consideration, conversion is that it aligns with know like and trust and that’s the same thing as why how and what

so the why is to help people understand what you believe in what is your mission why do you do what you do?

and the stories presented in the why section are made to humanize your business and set the foundations to build relationships with your prospective customers.

and then you are able to sequence that to share knowledge and that’s the how , How do you do what you do?

and then the what is when you are able to sell because now you’ve earned the right to sell

so if you move from why how and what in short snippet videos that are 15s to 1 minutes and you put that on Facebook I promise you it works supper well because it’s mimicking what already works.